Gone to sleep


We’re playing a show tonight

Hey everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we’re playing a show tonight at Rust in Copenhagen. We’ll be playing with the good fellas in Khmer Rouge and Go To Sleep, and it’s gonna rock.

Schedule as follows:

Doors: 21.00
Khmer Rouge: 22:00
Go To Sleep: 23:00
Tetris = Therapy: 00.00

Also did we mention that the show is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE?!? We did not, but it is.

You can RSVP right here on Le Facébook.

See you out there!

Home on the Range Music Video

Ladies and gents, we present to you the music video for ‘Home on the Range’ off our Temperance EP. Well what are you waiting for, click it up!

Thanks goes out to Sif Mikkelsen who generously offered to shoot this video for us (and then subsequently did). We are really happy with it, and hope you will enjoy it too.

– Kasper

‘Home on the Range’ video, shows in november, songs in the pipeline

Hi everyone,

Long time, no see. Does anyone even read this? How does this work… did you google us? Oh well. Just wanted to let you know that the talented, young Sif Mikkelsen is currently shooting a video for our song ‘Home on the Range’ off the Temperance EP. She has been braving cold winds and the tumultuousness of freezing Scandinavian seas to make this video for us so far, so we are 100 % positive that it will kick ass. Look out for that in just a couple of weeks.

Kjartan Bue is Rock n Roll

Kjartan, ambassador of rock

Home on the Range Video Shoot

Video Shoot










In early November we will be doing a mini-tour with some very fine acts which will be going to some particularly fine venues (TBA) – the tour will start around the 8th, and it will probably (definitely) be a boatload of fun. Plus, there’ll be something new to feast your eyes on: Kjartan Bue, who has been joining us on the electric bass amongst other things lately, his talents including a fine set of well-tuned pipes and a towering height rivalling that of our resident shredder Rune. He will be joining us again for these shows as well as probably – hopefully? he’s very good – all shows to come in the future. Please help us make him feel welcome as the newcomer in our humble band by cheering him on relentlessly when we come to your town this fall! Again, he is the tall one who is not Rune, and also the one who looks vaguely Norwegian. And by vaguely Norwegian I mean fully Norwegian.

Also we are writing songs and we think they are slowly beginning to paint a cohesive picture of something great… Expect a good handful of previews at our November shows.

Take care,
– Kasper

Radio, radio

Hello everyone,

It’s raining cats and dogs in Copenhagen at the moment, so we’ve all been practicing the fine art of going nowhere for long stretches of time recently and are really enjoying it so far. We’re not sure how things are looking weatherwise on the east coast of America, but just in case you find yourself there and things are equally shitty (or otherwise really) we really recommend you tune into Strangeways Radio tonight at 10:00 PM EST. ‘Blast Off’ will be featured on ‘Halcyon Wave’, a show showcasing dreampop, shoegaze, indie, that sort of thing. We are really stoked about it!

In other radio related news, we’ve been in rotation on danish national radio P6 BEAT for the last few weeks and it looks like ‘Blast Off’ will keep popping up every now and again over there for the rest of June, so don’t touch that dial (unless it’s not on P6, which it really should be because P6 is just in general the best).

There might be a show or two this summer… gearing up for the fall.

Take care!
– Kasper

What’s going on with T=T?

Hey guys and gals,

Just a lil’ update from the Tetris camp. First of all thanks to everyone who have streamed, downloaded, spotified, ituned or purchased the new EP (or torrented the shit out of it, who knows), we really appreciate it!
We had a great party to celebrate the release – more people than we could’ve hoped for showed up, and Jesper Lundager did an awesome job warming up the crowd with his sweet and innocent, yet strangely seductive, dreampop stylings. We are currently shanghaiing him into tracking our next record this summer, so wish us luck with that…

We did an interview with the site Nordic Spotlight a few weeks back, which you should check out if you’re really into didgeridoos and learning new things about our band.
In other great news “Blast Off” has been featured on the legendary Carsten Holm’s radio show ‘Offbeat’ on Danish public radio P6 the last few days! If you’re listening, look out for that – we are beyond psyched about it!

In gigging news: We have a few burgeoning tour plans for the fall months… it’s all coming together… until then people in Århus can catch us at a fundraiser in support of building a new school for children with little or no access to education in Nepal. Check out http://www.learningplanet.org.uk/ for more info on the charity. The event will go down on June 1st at V58.
We will also be playing at the Great Dictators release party for the forthcoming “Horrorscopes” EP in Copenhagen – we had a sneak pre-listen of the EP and it is fucking amazing – just you wait, these guys will alter the course of the proud ship that is folk rock! Date and location TBA, somewhere around June 11.

Until next time, keep it crispy!
– Kasper

The Temperance Ep Out Now

Hi internet,

It is with gratitude, pride, relief and most of all great excitement that we can say the ‘Temperance’ EP is out right now!

The Temperance EP

We sincerely hope you enjoy it, and really hope you will take a few minutes out of your busy schedule (we know, livin’s hard in twenty twelve) to put it on your stereo. Or to put on some good headphones and really turn the volume up – it is kind of a headphone EP in a way we think. Works for bus/train commutes as well. In a pinch as supermarket muzak. But not really.

You can get both the CD and a digital download (with all proceeds going to our struggling band instead of some slimy middle man) at Bandcamp. The EP is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc… basically all your favorite mp3 parlors!

Streams of the entire thing are available for free at both Bandcamp (with bonus track) and Soundcloud.

Again, we hope you’ll like it. See you soon!

Jeppe, Rune & Kasper

‘Blast Off’ Music Video, EP Out Monday, Release Party Tomorrow

Hey juggalos,

We won’t draw this one out… It is with great pride that we can now give you the music video for ‘Blast Off’, the first cut off our new EP:

The video was shot, directed and edited by the wonderful Villads Spangsberg who we owe more than we would care to admit. He really did a huge amount of work on this, including driving around with our smelly selves for the better part of a weekend. Thanks also goes out to Nicolai, Tim and Adam for helping us out with a lot of more or less shitty tasks. You guys are the best!

The Temperance EP will be available in most nooks and crannies of the internet on Monday the 23rd, and we are beyond excited to get that one out there. We hope you will like it, we think it’s rather good ourselves. A limited edition of cds will be available from Bandcamp and at our shows.

For anyone who might be in Copenhagen tomorrow, please consider stopping by Huset i Magstræde and celebrating the new EP with us – you will be able to buy a copy before everyone else and/or drink tequila shots with our stupendously attractive drummer. Sweet deal.
Doors at 20:00 – music from 21:00 and onwards.
Admission at the door: 20 kr.

Rune, Kasper and Jeppe

‘The Temperance EP’ Coming April 23rd

A great man, who has sold a lot of records, once said: “Hey, I, I, oh, I’m still alive”. That man was Eddie Vedder and he is a rockstar, so he knows what he is talking about. Today we come to you, our few but wonderful and loyal fans (who are amazing), with a less rhythmic however, for all intents and purposes, similar statement:

Tetris = Therapy are alive and in April we will be releasing a new EP. It consists of four songs. Songs about the places we used to live, the places we now live, the people we surround ourselves with and the restraint and the attention it takes to drag oneself through the abundances of modern life. They are an attempt at a sort of calm, forwardlooking optimism. But mostly its just four songs we are extremely proud of and are dying to share with you.

Here’s the cover and the tracklist:

The Temperance EP

This is how our EP looks


1. Blast Off
2. University Girls
3. Home on the Range
4. Unconventional Copenhagen

5. Seasick (Jesper Lundager Remix)

We have been recording and mixing the record ourselves since late last summer. The tracks were finally mastered by Steve Fallone (TV on the Radio, The Strokes, Grizzly Bear) a few weeks ago. Some of the songs are well over a year old, so for them to finally reach a destination was very good for our sanity. We are truly proud of it.
The cover was designed by the wonderful Cecilie Hundevad Meng Sørensen (who also did the artwork for ‘Acquaintances’). She is the best. You should check out part one of her collaborative book of prints and sounds with Emil Keller Skousen entitled The Book of Meaning. Or this, if you can.

The EP will be available via all major digital music retailers and streaming sites as well as on CD and digital download via Bandcamp on 23/04. Go there now for a free download of our good friend Jesper Lundager‘s awesome, druggy, shoegazy remix of ‘Seasick’ off Acquaintances. He delivered it a while ago and we have just been sitting on it and we feel bad, so here it is! Consider it an advance bonus track for the EP:
Download ‘Seasick (Jesper Lundager Remix)’

Jesper released a great album this fall, and if you like the remix you will surely fall in love with “Dyeing Lillies Brighter Colours“.

In other news we shot a video for the first single off the EP ‘Blast Off’ this past weekend with our good friend Villads Spangsberg (who also helped us make this). It will be hitting the world wide interwebs a few weeks before the EP does, so look out for that. We are really excited about it.

And last but not least we’re playing our first show in a very long time on the 5th of April at KB18 in Copenhagen. The line-up consists of Norway’s Samuel Jackson Five, England’s Petrels and Teach Me Tiger, as well as Geiger, Lappland Blog, Malthe Fischer (Oh No Ono) and Thomas Fagerlund (The Kissaway Trail) on the decks. If we might say so ourselves, that is one hell of a night out on the town. Don’t be shy, come out and say hi! RSVP here: Facebook Event

That is it for now. We are really looking forward to sharing some new music with everyone and getting out of our hiding places and into the rock n’ roll ether again. We’ll see you out there!

– Kasper, Rune & Jeppe

Going into the studio

Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you know that we are going into an actual studio to do some actual recording of a handful of songs today! We are naturally very excited about this, as its been awhile.
We’ve got 8 days in this small place near where Rune lives – the studio is cheap, rundown, kind of smells weird, the console has numerous buttons covered in tape reading “DON’T TOUCH” and when you’re mixing in the control room you can kind of faintly hear the muffled sound of death metal bands rehearsing vigorously nearby… but did we mention that it is cheap? We will be able to make actual, fleshed-out multitrack recordings! That means more than two mics on the drums folks! Amazing! Can’t wait to get started… it’ll just be the three of us so we will have to take turns acting the part of this guy:

Just makin' hits

Just makin' records fool

Fierce. We will try and keep you posted as the process moves along, with pictures, videos and whatnot…. UPDATE: Pictures etc. can be found on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tetristherapy

Kasper, Rune and Jeppe