New songs and more

We are well on our way to releasing (in some form or the other) what will be an album entitled Acquaintances soon… there are still things that needs to be done, but until then here are two tracks from the album! They are available to stream and download in high quality right here and on our Myspace.

Seasick was born out of an old guitar sketch and a percussion beat that had been lying around… with a drum-track from Jeppe and a catchy little bastard of a melody it finally became a fullgrown song.

A Lack of Concentration is an old track in a new outfit, and with a new name. We have chosen to set it on fire at the end, we hope you like it.

The tracklist of the album will be as follows:


1. Acquaintances (Intro)
2. Combat Beard
3. The End of the Season
4. Seasick
5. Foofaraw
6. A Lack of Concentration
7. Hadweonlyremained…
8. …bright
9. Video Game Museum
10. Juno Waltz
11. Same Sullen Summer Sound

Release date TBA

One thought on “New songs and more

  1. Rask says:

    Uhh.. Glæder mig til at høre skiiiiven..

    Same Sullen Summer Sound er SÅ nice i det pre-master jeg har fået tilsendt, og Foofaraw, er federe end nogensinde før.

    Så kan kun se frem til releaset! 🙂

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