Gettin’ up to date with Tetris = Therapy

First of all, here’s a late welcome to our new website… we hope you like it! It is homemade, so it isn’t fancy but we hope it has a certain rustic charm.

Second of all: W0w. It just dawned on me the ridiculous amount of “spaces” we take up on the internet, and how quite a few of them haven’t been updated for years. I’m sorry and iLike, but i guess we forgot you existed…
Well, It’s not like the internet is famous for being a nice and tidy place, but we are not really helping. At all. Then again, being a real 21st century band in the 1-o’s requires a lot of networking. If you don’t network, how will people know you exist? By going to your shows and watching you play instruments? Whatever grandma.

These mofos know what it's about

So, since this is now our official website, i reckon this is a good place to clear up some things and give some proper directions.

Well first of all, from now on this address, along with our Myspace will be the nr. 1 source for news, announcements, show dates and new music. Facebook will also be frequently updated with anything worth knowing about our little band. Danish users will note that we used to use bandbase (back then it was called Mymusic) a lot, but a lot of things on that site doesn’t always work and it does not seem like they are  really gaining much of an international following. However we will probably continue to use it as a place to host music.

As for streaming music i really recommend , it’s a very simple site to use, it’s extremely flexible and it let’s you download in any format you’d like (and in extremely high quality). Also it’s streams sounds way better than Myspace (if you care about those things). We are planning on streaming the entire album there soon!
We are just getting into the whole Twitter thing and since it will probably remain the shit for another while, you should go there for fun little bites of info, little tidbits of wisdom, hilarious retweets, trendy small-talk fodder etc.
Our Garageband is pretty much deserted… You can find us on and other services like that, but no music is streaming/downloadable from there… yet…  aaaaand… i guess that’s it for now! Thank you for reading all this, you are a wonderful human being!

– Kasper


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