First show of the summer announced

We can now confirm that we will be playing this year’s Jelling Musikfestival. As always it will be taking place in Rune and Kasper’s hometown of Jelling, situated in the delightfully hilly landscapes of Jutland!

We will be playing Friday the 28th on Ny Scene (exact timespot TBA).

It’s great news for us for a couple of reasons:
1) It’s always great to get to go home and do what you love most.
2) This is the first major gig we have confirmed for the summer, and we are really looking forward to getting out there again.
3) We will be playing the same day as Sir Elton Hercules John which is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome and just plain ridiculous. Did you notice the ‘Sir’ in front of his name? That dude wrote Candle in the Wind. I mean, look at him:

That's right, i wrote Rocket Man, what did you do?

Legendary stuff. Seriously though, Jelling is not a big place and the fact that this man will be playing there is just… well, ridiculous… and exciting. We hope to see as many of you as possible out there! – Kasper


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