T=T summer update, or how i learned to stop worrying and love patience

Hi guys,

Man. That summer came and went faster than Mel Gibson’s brain composes racial slurs. Amazing. Of course that means we as a band have once again fallen into the temptation of not really updating these webspaces at all, with all that heat, bbq’in and beer guzzlin’ going down. For that we are, once again, sorry.

Big news though! As some of you might know we shot a video for Seasick in june, and thanks to the competent help of Villads and Nicolai of Letusch it is almost finished. I won’t say too much about it, but i can tell you that it does look great – it is a one-camera stop-motion video spanning over an entire day, it stars a great cast of friends and acquaintances (), and we will premier it right here as soon as it is finished… which is soon. I promise. Here is a pic from the video shoot:

good times

Villads, Rune and Kasper on the shoot of 'Seasick'

In other news: We are currently working on getting a small run of cd versions of ‘Acquaintances’ done as a lot of people have requested a physical copy of the album. The packaging won’t be that fancy, but we promise to include a small surprise with every cd… i hope you guys like salt & vinegar chips.

Oh, and also, there might be some new music coming out from Rune and I soon but it will not be a Tetris = Therapy release…

And last but not least, some gigging news for the danes:

Det ser desværre ud til at vi ikke er i stand til at spille den 23. i Spinderhallerne i Vejle pga. logistiske problemer. Det er vi selvfølgelig utroligt kede af, og vi håber at kunne få programsat et andet job i Vejle i den nærmeste fremtid.

Til gengæld håber vi folk vil komme ud og se os spille på Studenterhuset i Århus næste lørdag d. 18! Vi spiller med de fantastiske The Freudian Slip, My Last Beat og the Olympics til den nette sum af 50 kr.. Dørene åbner kl. 20 og vi går på allerede 20.30, og håber selvfølgelig på at se så mange som muligt!

Desuden ser det ud til at vi skal spille på Rust i København til oktober. Mere om det senere…

Stay sweet,



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