‘Seasick’ video out now

So, you know how ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is a great movie right? Well, I think i only just realized that when i revisited this gem of a sci-fi blockbuster with a couple of friends this past weekend… I couldn’t help but get vocally excited for the better part of the movie:
“Wow, this movie’s got all the drama, all the family intrigue, all the dark internal luke skywalker struggles, all the snow monsters, all the giant asteroid worms, all the han-solo-freezing-in-carbonite, all the cut-off hands and floating cities in the sky – this movie is just taking a huge dump on all the new Star Wars movies’ – Me, last weekend.

The part where Luke’s x-wing fighter is crashing through thick, dense, grey mist and R2D2 is like “FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU” and Luke’s like “Oops, I cant see SHIIIIIIIT” and R2D2’s like “I told you this was a bad ideeeaaa” and Luke’s like “I’ll just put on the landing program, then we will surely figure out where to land safely on this PLANET COVERED IN SWAMPY JUNGLE AND FOG” and we as viewers are like “WHEN WILL THEY HIT A TREEEEE?” and then they just crash quietly into a swamp right next to Yoda’s crib… that part is so good. Defnitely my favourite Star Wars movie.
Speaking of audio-visual treats,

Without further ado, i give you, the video for Seasick:

Of course HUGE thanks goes out to Nicolai Lilja and especially Villads Spangsberg of Letusch who worked really hard on prepping, shooting and editing this. The three of us started talking about concepts we maybe wanted to do back in february or march i think and the fact we finally got around to shooting this in june is a tiny summer miracle…
Thanks is also owed to Mathilde and Kristian for starring in it (and of course to Rune who reluctantly agreed to be in it now that i had to be in it for the entire video), to Mathias, Adam, Christoffer, Natasha, Asbjørn, Marie, Ditte, Martin, Aske, Amber, Katrine and Esben for participating in the “party sequence” and for helping out on various accounts… it was an awesome experience.
Of course there has been a lot of small technical issues with this one and had we tried doing anything like a one-cam 15 hour stop-motion shoot before we might have been more prepared (for a number of things), but we are immensely proud of it now that it’s done. It looks good.

‘Seasick’, off the album ‘Acquaintances’, is of course still available for download and purchase in the iTunes store, on Bandcamp and Gogoyoko amongst other places…

– Kasper


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