‘Acquaintances’ now available on CD

Terrible photography ftw

Great job!

Well, it’s finally here! You guessed it folks,

It’s the holdable, touchable, christmas-gift-giveable limited edition glossy, shiny eco-wallet CD version of our album ‘Acquaintances‘, in all it’s square glory! Just in time for the holidays…
The packaging was designed by the wonderful Cecilie Meng Sørensen, and it comes in a plasticless 4-sided gatefold “wallet”, so you can buy our music knowing that you are doing the environment a tiny favour (no reason for anymore baby panda blood on them hands than you need, right?). Furthermore this first edition is limited to a run of only 150, so get ’em while they’re hot, as this guy would say.
Oh, and did I mention that some of these COMES WITH SURPRISES!?!? That’s right. A few of these cd’s will contain a surprise or two. It could be a hidden bonus track. It could be a picture of Rune’s junk (covered in pants). It could be a piece of gum. It could be the login information for Jeppe’s facebook. It could be a haiku. It could just be an ordinary CD. You just don’t know. Consider your purchase as a lottery ticket.

The CD is currently available at our shows and online in our Bandcamp store.

I have to mention that we are really grateful for the support and we realize that people have been requesting a physical version of our music for some time now, and although it did take way too long for us to just get it done, we are very happy with the result now that it is here. It looks great and we hope you find it was worth the wait!

For the danes:

Hvis man er bosat i København kan man kontakte os, og så kan vi sagtens finde ud af noget med at enten Rune eller jeg lige kommer ud og slår en god gammeldags handel af. Derudover vil Jeppe, T=T ambassadør i Århus, også snart have en stak i hænderne, så kontakt ham hvis du er interesseret i at købe cd’en. Den koster 100 kr.

Du kan kontakte os på Facebook eller via tetristherapy@gmail.com

Har du allerede købt albummet som download, kan du også bare kontakte os og så finder vi ud af en rabat.

Udover det skal det nævnes at vi spiller, alle tre mand, på RUST i København den 13. januar, og på valentines dag i Trinitatis Natkirken d. 14. Februar.

Husk at nyde sneen, hvis det overhovedet er muligt,
– Kasper


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