Going viral


According to Wikipedia (the ADD generation’s only true source of knowledge), a viral video is a “humorous” video, often starring unknown amateurs, made popular via internet sharing.
You might have noticed how the act of “going viral” has served bands such as OK Go very well recently and it is no secret that “going viral” is a goal that everyone should strive to achieve, elusive as it might be. If you are not sure whether or not you have “gone viral” recently, make sure to check if you have become extremely famous seemingly overnight for doing something seemingly arbitrary and/or/yet “unbelievable”, and posting it on Youtube. If this is the case, congrats, you have made it.
Trust me, I never expected that I would have to admit to this, but by these standards it appears that our music video for ‘Seasick‘ has failed miserably at “going viral”. To be fair, we probably should have studied viral videos a little closer, but here we are. To those of you who actually enjoyed our video (in vain, some might say), and who might not fully understand this concept, I am here to serve you with some statistics to illustrate where everything went wrong:

The ‘Seasick’ video was posted on the 6th of October and currently holds 1830 views on Youtube. “Well that sounds like a lot of people! Certainly a lot more people than i know” you might think, and you’d probably be right. Noone knows that many people. However, try and compare those numbers to this video of Justin Bieber riding a segway through a horde of screaming fangirls posted in late July – only a little more than two months before ‘Seasick’:

This video holds almost 1.6 million views. I am not going to do the math on this one because, honestly, math is for nerds and computers, but that would appear to be a hell of a lot more views than 1830, in only twice the time. Justin Bieber: 1, Tetris = Therapy: 0.


Seriously, don't fuck with the Bieb

So where do you go from there? I have decided, without consulting my bandmates, that the only way to tackle this defeat is to get right back up on that fickle, treacherous horse that is Youtube and try again. And if there is one thing the internet loves, it is compilations of loveable rednecks getting into silly lawnmower accidents – but if there is another thing the internet loves even more it is kittens doing cute and crazy things in front of a camera. So here goes nothing…

Also this is all just a plot to promote our CD which is available tomorrow!




One thought on “Going viral

  1. Jeppe Wojcik says:

    ZOMG I luv kittehs!!!”!!1 Def gon buy yo album now.

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