T=T featured on Dave Allen’s Pampelmoose

Back in 2007, ex- Gang of Four bassist and music industry legend Dave Allen, was one of the first to pick up on our existence and spread the T=T word, when he found our track Foofaraw, god knows where, on the big ole’ interweb. Apparently he still remembers us, because he allowed the wonderful Michelle Anderson (of http://www.themiracleinjuly.com) to put in a word about us and our self-released debut-album on the amazing Pampelmoose blog.

It’s a good read, and all-round very flattering: “Sweet Scandinavian Sound: Tetris = Therapy is your new favourite band”

To celebrate the kind words I found this:
It is a picture of one of the few idols my dad and I share, the forever-young pop songsmith and perpetual lady’s man, Burt Bacharach doing what he does best…

Get bacharachin'

Hi sweetheart, what's that discreetly peeking out of your purse? The new Tetris = Therapy CD you say? Not too shabby my dear. I have a bottle of champagne back at my house that would go great with those smooth Scandinavian tunes...

You said it Burt! Cheers!

– Kasper


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