Gigging around Copenhagen

Oh hi,

So the Black Eyed Peas at the Superbowl was pretty much the craziest thing ever! I did not know what the hell that was… honestly it was pretty frightening (is Will.I.Am a robot? Like for real? He could be, right?). Now, I probably did not pay enough attention when i was taught the old testament in school, but I am pretty sure that when Slash rises from the ground and Usher falls from the sky it’s a pretty clear sign that 2012 is definitely going to happen. This is it. The end. Judgement day.

Let’s switch to another topic shall we. So, we’ve been really fortunate to be able to book a fair amount of gigs in Copenhagen lately, and the latest mark in the calender is the brilliant management and booking agency Catching Paper Planes’ first “Presents” show, where we will be showcased for a couple of people in the business and the audience can write notes on how they really feel about us (“no more Journey covers… ever”). It’s very exciting, and we are very grateful for the opportunity, also this kind of only really relates to the danes so i’m gonna switch to my native tongue:

Husk at vi spiller et lidt anderledes set med Christoffer Meng Sørensen på keys og sax i Trinitatis Natkirke til deres Valentins Dag’s gudstjeneste på mandag kl. 20! Udover os kan man opleve Penny Police og Akiri, og det tegner til at blive en rigtigt smuk aften i kærlighedens tegn.
Og som sagt har vi fornøjelsen at skulle spille et set til Catching Paper Planes Presents #1 d. 25 februar, hvor der bliver mulighed for at give os feedback, og selvfølgelig bare opleve vores trio i dens rette element. Vi glæder os meget!



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