The “spring almost in da buildin'” T=T March Digest – (Mo’ Gigs, Mo’ Madness Edition)

I don’t know if you have noticed but we aren’t exactly a band made up of Georg Philipp Telemanns, Paul McCartneys or Robert Pollards or any such awesome prolificness. Tetris = Therapy songs take their sweet time, kind of like a certain brand of cheese that danish dairy monopolists have spent what must be ridiculous sums of money by now on promoting for at least two lifetimes or something… we get it, you don’t just make a Riberhus cheese in a week. Geez, get some sleep Arla.
Anyway, more and more songs are nearing a stage where we feel comfortable performing them live, and there seems to be somewhat of a new direction they are taking us… what kind of release this will amount to (be it the aforementioned EP or god knows what), well, we will probably have to see about that.

The last couple of gigs have been great, we have been able to play varied sets to varied audiences and generally we feel like we have been lucky to be able to just test out new stuff and different setups. Certain new songs really work… i can tell you this much, we are getting a better feeling of where we can take this thing with every gig. The shows have been pretty high energy, fun affairs too. If you don’t believe us check out this outrageous picture of Kasper, just brimming with enthusiasm and raw, ecstatic, sweaty energy, from our last gig at Catching Paper Planes presents in Copenhagen:


Notice the tilting keyboard stand, slowly threatening to abruptly end the concert in a hot mess of cables and destruction! SO EXCITING THAT WAS!

Man! Not sure how the audience refrained from storming the stage and joining the dance party, but what do i know… Luckily there are two opportunties to do so on the table atm, if you should be so inclined: One for the jutlanders and one for the big city dawgs:

On March 25th we will return to Bygningen Vejle, the venue where we played our very first gig, right in the middle of the neck of the woods where we all grew up! The excellent post-rock band Flod will join us and we hear that another band is TBA. We are very excited about this and hope to see many familiar, as well as new faces on the evening. Tickets (80 in presale, 1oo at the door) will be available here and of course at the door. The doors open at 20:00!

On April 15th we will play a show with Pink Marines and KnivFisk at Studenterhuset. This should be a pretty high energy show considering the lineup. Tickets are 50 kr. at the door and the show starts at 21 hours!

Hope to see you out there, and if you do show up please come and say hello!

T=T love,
– Kasper


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