Announcement: New EP coming soon

Hi everyone,

Spring ’tis the season for change and seeing as its been almost a year since we released Acquaintances, we feel like its time to do something new. Something good:

So, mark your calenders, because on May 23rd we’re finally ready to unveil our next release which will be named “The Loneliness of Manning a Toll Booth (On An Extremely Racist Highway) EP” – Other than the autobiographical title track, the new EP will feature three more new songs, a cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and a live recording from Jelling Musikfestival of the infamous performance of “Seasick” where a drunk swedish couple celebrated their honeymoon by storming the stage and creating a pair of (healthy and beautiful we hear) twins on Rune’s amp.

More than anything we are super excited to confirm that renowned danish singer, songwriter, performer, artist and designer of posters and beer cans Kasper Eistrup will do the cover art! He’s a great hero of ours so we are beyond ecstatic about this. As of now this is all we’ve got, but we are told that he is working on something great:

Apparently the cover art is coming soon - There will be cover art though!

The EP, which will be out May 23rd, will be the first compact disc ever to be packaged entirely in luscious dark Valrhona Manjari chocolate (which unfortunately is prone to melting in your hands which is why it should be kept in the refrigerator at all times). It will be available in the fridge next to the Kinder Pingui bars in danish supermarket chains Føtex and Irma EXCLUSIVELY. This is the tracklist…


1. Whispers from the Kitchen (Girl, Where You Belong)
2. The Loneliness of Manning a Toll Booth (On An Extremely Racist Highway)
3. Friday
4. She Made Me So Queasy
5. “Seasick” Live At Jelling Musikfestival 2010 (Conception Mix)

Teaser tracks will be available soon! We can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

Jeppe, Kasper and Rune – Tetris = Therapy


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