Winter hymns for summer release?

Hi everyone,

So, here’s some news other than the usual gigging reports (although that is also important, like the fact that we are playing this friday in copenhagen, anyway, there’s more on that for the danes down the page).

Our song ‘A Lack of Concentration‘ off Acquaintances was recently featured in this short viral video for the Danish Red Cross Youth. It is basically a reminder of the importance of sharing your problems, thoughts or whatever it is that might be weighing you down with someone. The message is pretty universal and might be obvious to some of you, but i think it is important to be reminded of how crucial something simple like talking to someone else can be once in a while. They have a handy website that deals with all that. Our good friends over at Stik I Rend Film put the film together, and we are very grateful to be able to soundtrack a good cause and a great idea:

Check it out! Oh and by the way, should there be any doubt at all, that last entry posted on here was nothing other than the worst april’s fools joke ever. Oh brother, that should have come with one of those :-S smileys amirite? Well, just to be clear, neither of us have ever worked in toll booths, we can’t afford Valrhona chocolate and we have no stance on the appropriate amount of time spent by women in kitchens whatsoever. But we do however have a couple of songs that we fully intend to record somewhere in the not so distant future. Our good friend Jesper Lundager also just delivered his remix of ‘Seasick’ which we are really excited about. More on that later…

For the danes:

Husk at vi spiller på fredag på Studenterhuset i København med Pink Marines og KnivFisk! Dørene åbner kl. 21.00, der er koncertstart kl. 22.00 og entréen koster 50 kr. (30 kr. for medlemmer) -[Studenterhusets hjemmesideFacebook RSVP]

Vi håber på at se så mange som muligt!




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