The Temperance Ep Out Now

Hi internet,

It is with gratitude, pride, relief and most of all great excitement that we can say the ‘Temperance’ EP is out right now!

The Temperance EP

We sincerely hope you enjoy it, and really hope you will take a few minutes out of your busy schedule (we know, livin’s hard in twenty twelve) to put it on your stereo. Or to put on some good headphones and really turn the volume up – it is kind of a headphone EP in a way we think. Works for bus/train commutes as well. In a pinch as supermarket muzak. But not really.

You can get both the CD and a digital download (with all proceeds going to our struggling band instead of some slimy middle man) at Bandcamp. The EP is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc… basically all your favorite mp3 parlors!

Streams of the entire thing are available for free at both Bandcamp (with bonus track) and Soundcloud.

Again, we hope you’ll like it. See you soon!

Jeppe, Rune & Kasper


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