What’s going on with T=T?

Hey guys and gals,

Just a lil’ update from the Tetris camp. First of all thanks to everyone who have streamed, downloaded, spotified, ituned or purchased the new EP (or torrented the shit out of it, who knows), we really appreciate it!
We had a great party to celebrate the release – more people than we could’ve hoped for showed up, and Jesper Lundager did an awesome job warming up the crowd with his sweet and innocent, yet strangely seductive, dreampop stylings. We are currently shanghaiing him into tracking our next record this summer, so wish us luck with that…

We did an interview with the site Nordic Spotlight a few weeks back, which you should check out if you’re really into didgeridoos and learning new things about our band.
In other great news “Blast Off” has been featured on the legendary Carsten Holm’s radio show ‘Offbeat’ on Danish public radio P6 the last few days! If you’re listening, look out for that – we are beyond psyched about it!

In gigging news: We have a few burgeoning tour plans for the fall months… it’s all coming together… until then people in Århus can catch us at a fundraiser in support of building a new school for children with little or no access to education in Nepal. Check out http://www.learningplanet.org.uk/ for more info on the charity. The event will go down on June 1st at V58.
We will also be playing at the Great Dictators release party for the forthcoming “Horrorscopes” EP in Copenhagen – we had a sneak pre-listen of the EP and it is fucking amazing – just you wait, these guys will alter the course of the proud ship that is folk rock! Date and location TBA, somewhere around June 11.

Until next time, keep it crispy!
– Kasper


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