Radio, radio

Hello everyone,

It’s raining cats and dogs in Copenhagen at the moment, so we’ve all been practicing the fine art of going nowhere for long stretches of time recently and are really enjoying it so far. We’re not sure how things are looking weatherwise on the east coast of America, but just in case you find yourself there and things are equally shitty (or otherwise really) we really recommend you tune into Strangeways Radio tonight at 10:00 PM EST. ‘Blast Off’ will be featured on ‘Halcyon Wave’, a show showcasing dreampop, shoegaze, indie, that sort of thing. We are really stoked about it!

In other radio related news, we’ve been in rotation on danish national radio P6 BEAT for the last few weeks and it looks like ‘Blast Off’ will keep popping up every now and again over there for the rest of June, so don’t touch that dial (unless it’s not on P6, which it really should be because P6 is just in general the best).

There might be a show or two this summer… gearing up for the fall.

Take care!
– Kasper


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