‘Home on the Range’ video, shows in november, songs in the pipeline

Hi everyone,

Long time, no see. Does anyone even read this? How does this work… did you google us? Oh well. Just wanted to let you know that the talented, young Sif Mikkelsen is currently shooting a video for our song ‘Home on the Range’ off the Temperance EP. She has been braving cold winds and the tumultuousness of freezing Scandinavian seas to make this video for us so far, so we are 100 % positive that it will kick ass. Look out for that in just a couple of weeks.

Kjartan Bue is Rock n Roll

Kjartan, ambassador of rock

Home on the Range Video Shoot

Video Shoot










In early November we will be doing a mini-tour with some very fine acts which will be going to some particularly fine venues (TBA) – the tour will start around the 8th, and it will probably (definitely) be a boatload of fun. Plus, there’ll be something new to feast your eyes on: Kjartan Bue, who has been joining us on the electric bass amongst other things lately, his talents including a fine set of well-tuned pipes and a towering height rivalling that of our resident shredder Rune. He will be joining us again for these shows as well as probably – hopefully? he’s very good – all shows to come in the future. Please help us make him feel welcome as the newcomer in our humble band by cheering him on relentlessly when we come to your town this fall! Again, he is the tall one who is not Rune, and also the one who looks vaguely Norwegian. And by vaguely Norwegian I mean fully Norwegian.

Also we are writing songs and we think they are slowly beginning to paint a cohesive picture of something great… Expect a good handful of previews at our November shows.

Take care,
– Kasper


2 thoughts on “‘Home on the Range’ video, shows in november, songs in the pipeline

  1. mediaChick says:

    Velkommen to Kjartan! Tell him I’ll prolly hug him when I see him and not to be alarmed 🙂

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