T=T – Kasper, Rune & Jeppe

Tetris = Therapy is a semi-electronic post pop band from Copenhagen consisting of three young exiles from the outer reaches of Denmark. Their sound is dreamy and intense and has been described as somewhat akin to the Future Islands, Postal Service and M83 clashing with the atmospheric raw power of My Bloody Valentine.

Their live shows are energetic, loud and dynamic affairs underpinned by a delicacy and intimacy both profound and exhilarating, and the band has played a ton of shows in their home country with a wide variety of renowned acts.

In spite of their ripe age of 23, the three guys have enjoyed a great amount of coverage all over the internet, with both New York Magazine and Dave Allen (of Gange of Four) singing the praises of Tetris = Therapy on their respective blogs.

As of 2013 the band is on indefinite hiatus.

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