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We’re playing a show tonight

Hey everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we’re playing a show tonight at Rust in Copenhagen. We’ll be playing with the good fellas in Khmer Rouge and Go To Sleep, and it’s gonna rock.

Schedule as follows:

Doors: 21.00
Khmer Rouge: 22:00
Go To Sleep: 23:00
Tetris = Therapy: 00.00

Also did we mention that the show is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE?!? We did not, but it is.

You can RSVP right here on Le Facébook.

See you out there!


‘Home on the Range’ video, shows in november, songs in the pipeline

Hi everyone,

Long time, no see. Does anyone even read this? How does this work… did you google us? Oh well. Just wanted to let you know that the talented, young Sif Mikkelsen is currently shooting a video for our song ‘Home on the Range’ off the Temperance EP. She has been braving cold winds and the tumultuousness of freezing Scandinavian seas to make this video for us so far, so we are 100 % positive that it will kick ass. Look out for that in just a couple of weeks.

Kjartan Bue is Rock n Roll

Kjartan, ambassador of rock

Home on the Range Video Shoot

Video Shoot










In early November we will be doing a mini-tour with some very fine acts which will be going to some particularly fine venues (TBA) – the tour will start around the 8th, and it will probably (definitely) be a boatload of fun. Plus, there’ll be something new to feast your eyes on: Kjartan Bue, who has been joining us on the electric bass amongst other things lately, his talents including a fine set of well-tuned pipes and a towering height rivalling that of our resident shredder Rune. He will be joining us again for these shows as well as probably – hopefully? he’s very good – all shows to come in the future. Please help us make him feel welcome as the newcomer in our humble band by cheering him on relentlessly when we come to your town this fall! Again, he is the tall one who is not Rune, and also the one who looks vaguely Norwegian. And by vaguely Norwegian I mean fully Norwegian.

Also we are writing songs and we think they are slowly beginning to paint a cohesive picture of something great… Expect a good handful of previews at our November shows.

Take care,
– Kasper

What’s going on with T=T?

Hey guys and gals,

Just a lil’ update from the Tetris camp. First of all thanks to everyone who have streamed, downloaded, spotified, ituned or purchased the new EP (or torrented the shit out of it, who knows), we really appreciate it!
We had a great party to celebrate the release – more people than we could’ve hoped for showed up, and Jesper Lundager did an awesome job warming up the crowd with his sweet and innocent, yet strangely seductive, dreampop stylings. We are currently shanghaiing him into tracking our next record this summer, so wish us luck with that…

We did an interview with the site Nordic Spotlight a few weeks back, which you should check out if you’re really into didgeridoos and learning new things about our band.
In other great news “Blast Off” has been featured on the legendary Carsten Holm’s radio show ‘Offbeat’ on Danish public radio P6 the last few days! If you’re listening, look out for that – we are beyond psyched about it!

In gigging news: We have a few burgeoning tour plans for the fall months… it’s all coming together… until then people in Århus can catch us at a fundraiser in support of building a new school for children with little or no access to education in Nepal. Check out for more info on the charity. The event will go down on June 1st at V58.
We will also be playing at the Great Dictators release party for the forthcoming “Horrorscopes” EP in Copenhagen – we had a sneak pre-listen of the EP and it is fucking amazing – just you wait, these guys will alter the course of the proud ship that is folk rock! Date and location TBA, somewhere around June 11.

Until next time, keep it crispy!
– Kasper

‘Blast Off’ Music Video, EP Out Monday, Release Party Tomorrow

Hey juggalos,

We won’t draw this one out… It is with great pride that we can now give you the music video for ‘Blast Off’, the first cut off our new EP:

The video was shot, directed and edited by the wonderful Villads Spangsberg who we owe more than we would care to admit. He really did a huge amount of work on this, including driving around with our smelly selves for the better part of a weekend. Thanks also goes out to Nicolai, Tim and Adam for helping us out with a lot of more or less shitty tasks. You guys are the best!

The Temperance EP will be available in most nooks and crannies of the internet on Monday the 23rd, and we are beyond excited to get that one out there. We hope you will like it, we think it’s rather good ourselves. A limited edition of cds will be available from Bandcamp and at our shows.

For anyone who might be in Copenhagen tomorrow, please consider stopping by Huset i Magstræde and celebrating the new EP with us – you will be able to buy a copy before everyone else and/or drink tequila shots with our stupendously attractive drummer. Sweet deal.
Doors at 20:00 – music from 21:00 and onwards.
Admission at the door: 20 kr.

Rune, Kasper and Jeppe

Summer update


Just wanted to let you know that we are going into hibernation this July. We won’t come out until we have a recorded piece of work that we think people (such as your fine self) would actually be interested in hearing, taking in and living with in some capacity. That is really all we want to do right now, and we want to make sure we do that right. Frankly it is about time… time we do something new. Hopefully something that can spark a pleasant tickling sensation of startling surprise and amiable familiarity all at the same time….  If you live in Copenhagen you can catch fragments of what that may or may not entail this friday (which has become tomorrow as i am writing this) – more about that in our native tongue:

Lige en påmindelse om at vi spiller på Rust i København på fredag med Akiri, Naderi og The Minor Collective. Dørene åbner kl. 20.00 og første band går på 20.30 så kom tidligt! Det koster 60 kr. i døren men så får du også adgang til Rust på en drønhed friday night out med fire bands på plakaten og masterfaderen solidt plantet i det røde felt. Som sagt så bliver det vores sidste koncert i hovedstaden i et stykke tid da vi gerne vil have noget nyt at tage med inden vi vender tilbage, og derfor skal den heller ikke have for lidt. Her er eventet på Facebook.
Vi glæder os meget til at spille og håber på at se så mange som overhovedet muligt! Sidst vi spillede på Rust gik headlineren videre til at vinde det danske melodi grand prix så ALT kan tydeligvis ske… ALT…


Reminder: Kommende forårskoncerter

For the danes:

Hej allesammen!
Foråret er nået til København og de seneste par dage har de træge gamle cykelture gennem byen været som at opdage byen på ny… det varer tilsyneladende ikke for evigt så nyd det mens du kan (… før det forsvinder, for at vende tilbage igen, for at forsvinde… og så er det vel sommer?)

Her bare lige en reminder om at vi spiller i Bygningen i Vejle på fredag med Flod, så er du i nærheden ville vi som altid sætte stor pris på at du kiggede forbi. Der kommer til at være nyt materiale på setlisten, gæster på scenen og højt humør! Vi glæder os rigtigt meget til at spille: Det koster 100 kr. i døren og dørene åbner kl. 20 – Her er koncertens Facebook Eventside.

Udover det kan man fange os på Studenterhuset, København d. 15 April med Pink Marines og Knivfisk.

Ellers kan man som altid fange os på Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube og streame vores musik og købe vores smukke album ‘Acquaintances’ på CD og download på Bandcamp.

Kærlige T=T hilsner,
– Kasper

The “spring almost in da buildin'” T=T March Digest – (Mo’ Gigs, Mo’ Madness Edition)

I don’t know if you have noticed but we aren’t exactly a band made up of Georg Philipp Telemanns, Paul McCartneys or Robert Pollards or any such awesome prolificness. Tetris = Therapy songs take their sweet time, kind of like a certain brand of cheese that danish dairy monopolists have spent what must be ridiculous sums of money by now on promoting for at least two lifetimes or something… we get it, you don’t just make a Riberhus cheese in a week. Geez, get some sleep Arla.
Anyway, more and more songs are nearing a stage where we feel comfortable performing them live, and there seems to be somewhat of a new direction they are taking us… what kind of release this will amount to (be it the aforementioned EP or god knows what), well, we will probably have to see about that.

The last couple of gigs have been great, we have been able to play varied sets to varied audiences and generally we feel like we have been lucky to be able to just test out new stuff and different setups. Certain new songs really work… i can tell you this much, we are getting a better feeling of where we can take this thing with every gig. The shows have been pretty high energy, fun affairs too. If you don’t believe us check out this outrageous picture of Kasper, just brimming with enthusiasm and raw, ecstatic, sweaty energy, from our last gig at Catching Paper Planes presents in Copenhagen:


Notice the tilting keyboard stand, slowly threatening to abruptly end the concert in a hot mess of cables and destruction! SO EXCITING THAT WAS!

Man! Not sure how the audience refrained from storming the stage and joining the dance party, but what do i know… Luckily there are two opportunties to do so on the table atm, if you should be so inclined: One for the jutlanders and one for the big city dawgs:

On March 25th we will return to Bygningen Vejle, the venue where we played our very first gig, right in the middle of the neck of the woods where we all grew up! The excellent post-rock band Flod will join us and we hear that another band is TBA. We are very excited about this and hope to see many familiar, as well as new faces on the evening. Tickets (80 in presale, 1oo at the door) will be available here and of course at the door. The doors open at 20:00!

On April 15th we will play a show with Pink Marines and KnivFisk at Studenterhuset. This should be a pretty high energy show considering the lineup. Tickets are 50 kr. at the door and the show starts at 21 hours!

Hope to see you out there, and if you do show up please come and say hello!

T=T love,
– Kasper

Gigging around Copenhagen

Oh hi,

So the Black Eyed Peas at the Superbowl was pretty much the craziest thing ever! I did not know what the hell that was… honestly it was pretty frightening (is Will.I.Am a robot? Like for real? He could be, right?). Now, I probably did not pay enough attention when i was taught the old testament in school, but I am pretty sure that when Slash rises from the ground and Usher falls from the sky it’s a pretty clear sign that 2012 is definitely going to happen. This is it. The end. Judgement day.

Let’s switch to another topic shall we. So, we’ve been really fortunate to be able to book a fair amount of gigs in Copenhagen lately, and the latest mark in the calender is the brilliant management and booking agency Catching Paper Planes’ first “Presents” show, where we will be showcased for a couple of people in the business and the audience can write notes on how they really feel about us (“no more Journey covers… ever”). It’s very exciting, and we are very grateful for the opportunity, also this kind of only really relates to the danes so i’m gonna switch to my native tongue:

Husk at vi spiller et lidt anderledes set med Christoffer Meng Sørensen på keys og sax i Trinitatis Natkirke til deres Valentins Dag’s gudstjeneste på mandag kl. 20! Udover os kan man opleve Penny Police og Akiri, og det tegner til at blive en rigtigt smuk aften i kærlighedens tegn.
Og som sagt har vi fornøjelsen at skulle spille et set til Catching Paper Planes Presents #1 d. 25 februar, hvor der bliver mulighed for at give os feedback, og selvfølgelig bare opleve vores trio i dens rette element. Vi glæder os meget!


T=T summer update, or how i learned to stop worrying and love patience

Hi guys,

Man. That summer came and went faster than Mel Gibson’s brain composes racial slurs. Amazing. Of course that means we as a band have once again fallen into the temptation of not really updating these webspaces at all, with all that heat, bbq’in and beer guzzlin’ going down. For that we are, once again, sorry.

Big news though! As some of you might know we shot a video for Seasick in june, and thanks to the competent help of Villads and Nicolai of Letusch it is almost finished. I won’t say too much about it, but i can tell you that it does look great – it is a one-camera stop-motion video spanning over an entire day, it stars a great cast of friends and acquaintances (), and we will premier it right here as soon as it is finished… which is soon. I promise. Here is a pic from the video shoot:

good times

Villads, Rune and Kasper on the shoot of 'Seasick'

In other news: We are currently working on getting a small run of cd versions of ‘Acquaintances’ done as a lot of people have requested a physical copy of the album. The packaging won’t be that fancy, but we promise to include a small surprise with every cd… i hope you guys like salt & vinegar chips.

Oh, and also, there might be some new music coming out from Rune and I soon but it will not be a Tetris = Therapy release…

And last but not least, some gigging news for the danes:

Det ser desværre ud til at vi ikke er i stand til at spille den 23. i Spinderhallerne i Vejle pga. logistiske problemer. Det er vi selvfølgelig utroligt kede af, og vi håber at kunne få programsat et andet job i Vejle i den nærmeste fremtid.

Til gengæld håber vi folk vil komme ud og se os spille på Studenterhuset i Århus næste lørdag d. 18! Vi spiller med de fantastiske The Freudian Slip, My Last Beat og the Olympics til den nette sum af 50 kr.. Dørene åbner kl. 20 og vi går på allerede 20.30, og håber selvfølgelig på at se så mange som muligt!

Desuden ser det ud til at vi skal spille på Rust i København til oktober. Mere om det senere…

Stay sweet,


T=T live = still functioning smoothly like a proper concertplaying machine

Turns out we haven’t forgotten how to play our instruments! Cause for celebration.

Vi vil gerne have lov at sige tusinde tak til alle jer der kom ud og så os på Jelling Musikfestival i år – det var uendeligt dejligt at se så mange mennesker, og komme ud og spille vores sange igen. Mange tak skal også gå ud til Asker Bjørk og Kjartan Bue fra Boho Dancer der hjalp os på to numre (og tillykke med Quasar Rock sejren)! Vi har herfra, som i kan se i kalenderen, kun et job på kalenderen for efteråret, og det bliver på Studenterhuset i Århus den 18. september. Lad os håbe at der evt. bliver lidt flere at se frem til…. stay tuned! Mvh Tetris = Therapy