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Winter hymns for summer release?

Hi everyone,

So, here’s some news other than the usual gigging reports (although that is also important, like the fact that we are playing this friday in copenhagen, anyway, there’s more on that for the danes down the page).

Our song ‘A Lack of Concentration‘ off Acquaintances was recently featured in this short viral video for the Danish Red Cross Youth. It is basically a reminder of the importance of sharing your problems, thoughts or whatever it is that might be weighing you down with someone. The message is pretty universal and might be obvious to some of you, but i think it is important to be reminded of how crucial something simple like talking to someone else can be once in a while. They have a handy website that deals with all that. Our good friends over at Stik I Rend Film put the film together, and we are very grateful to be able to soundtrack a good cause and a great idea:

Check it out! Oh and by the way, should there be any doubt at all, that last entry posted on here was nothing other than the worst april’s fools joke ever. Oh brother, that should have come with one of those :-S smileys amirite? Well, just to be clear, neither of us have ever worked in toll booths, we can’t afford Valrhona chocolate and we have no stance on the appropriate amount of time spent by women in kitchens whatsoever. But we do however have a couple of songs that we fully intend to record somewhere in the not so distant future. Our good friend Jesper Lundager also just delivered his remix of ‘Seasick’ which we are really excited about. More on that later…

For the danes:

Husk at vi spiller på fredag på Studenterhuset i København med Pink Marines og KnivFisk! Dørene åbner kl. 21.00, der er koncertstart kl. 22.00 og entréen koster 50 kr. (30 kr. for medlemmer) -[Studenterhusets hjemmesideFacebook RSVP]

Vi håber på at se så mange som muligt!




The “spring almost in da buildin'” T=T March Digest – (Mo’ Gigs, Mo’ Madness Edition)

I don’t know if you have noticed but we aren’t exactly a band made up of Georg Philipp Telemanns, Paul McCartneys or Robert Pollards or any such awesome prolificness. Tetris = Therapy songs take their sweet time, kind of like a certain brand of cheese that danish dairy monopolists have spent what must be ridiculous sums of money by now on promoting for at least two lifetimes or something… we get it, you don’t just make a Riberhus cheese in a week. Geez, get some sleep Arla.
Anyway, more and more songs are nearing a stage where we feel comfortable performing them live, and there seems to be somewhat of a new direction they are taking us… what kind of release this will amount to (be it the aforementioned EP or god knows what), well, we will probably have to see about that.

The last couple of gigs have been great, we have been able to play varied sets to varied audiences and generally we feel like we have been lucky to be able to just test out new stuff and different setups. Certain new songs really work… i can tell you this much, we are getting a better feeling of where we can take this thing with every gig. The shows have been pretty high energy, fun affairs too. If you don’t believe us check out this outrageous picture of Kasper, just brimming with enthusiasm and raw, ecstatic, sweaty energy, from our last gig at Catching Paper Planes presents in Copenhagen:


Notice the tilting keyboard stand, slowly threatening to abruptly end the concert in a hot mess of cables and destruction! SO EXCITING THAT WAS!

Man! Not sure how the audience refrained from storming the stage and joining the dance party, but what do i know… Luckily there are two opportunties to do so on the table atm, if you should be so inclined: One for the jutlanders and one for the big city dawgs:

On March 25th we will return to Bygningen Vejle, the venue where we played our very first gig, right in the middle of the neck of the woods where we all grew up! The excellent post-rock band Flod will join us and we hear that another band is TBA. We are very excited about this and hope to see many familiar, as well as new faces on the evening. Tickets (80 in presale, 1oo at the door) will be available here and of course at the door. The doors open at 20:00!

On April 15th we will play a show with Pink Marines and KnivFisk at Studenterhuset. This should be a pretty high energy show considering the lineup. Tickets are 50 kr. at the door and the show starts at 21 hours!

Hope to see you out there, and if you do show up please come and say hello!

T=T love,
– Kasper

Tetris = Therapy’s big, fat, greek New Year’s post!


If you are reading this it means you have reached the year 2011 without succumbing to the overpowering urge to throw yourself under a bus. Unfortunately you have also reached the month of January, which is coincidentally the worst month you are likely to encounter all year. There’s no money left, no time to get things done, not a shred of warmth to be found anywhere in this cold, grey, urban jungle you call a home… You are beginning to realize, as you glance at your reflection in the muddy ice beneath your feet, that you can no longer tell yourself apart from the homeless ghosts roaming the desolate streets on the brink of starvation. You can no longer feel your hands, you just realized that you might never be able to truly love anyone, and your parents have just told you that you were adopted and they that were always dissapointed in you. This was your New Year’s Eve:

Aw shucks

But enough of all that depressing jibber-jabber, cuz 2011 is all about opportunities and new horizons! And stuff! I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

Tetris = Therapy wants to wish you all a happy new year!

Here’s the thing y’all, 2010 has been a great year and we are very grateful for all the attention we have received over the last 12 months, despite minimum gigging and a whole lot of shameless self-promotion. Apparently we have done something right and boy, does that feel good. Therefore we would like to take the time to show some T=T love for the things that got us psyched in 2010. You see, we realize how frustrating it can be at this time, as we all drag our frozen bodies slowly towards the edge of the month of January through the hellish pandemonium that is winter traffic and january sales, to look back at the year that has gone past without feeling like you are forgetting something important. Something good.

So what was good in 2010? Continue reading

T=T featured on Dave Allen’s Pampelmoose

Back in 2007, ex- Gang of Four bassist and music industry legend Dave Allen, was one of the first to pick up on our existence and spread the T=T word, when he found our track Foofaraw, god knows where, on the big ole’ interweb. Apparently he still remembers us, because he allowed the wonderful Michelle Anderson (of to put in a word about us and our self-released debut-album on the amazing Pampelmoose blog.

It’s a good read, and all-round very flattering: “Sweet Scandinavian Sound: Tetris = Therapy is your new favourite band”

To celebrate the kind words I found this:
It is a picture of one of the few idols my dad and I share, the forever-young pop songsmith and perpetual lady’s man, Burt Bacharach doing what he does best…

Get bacharachin'

Hi sweetheart, what's that discreetly peeking out of your purse? The new Tetris = Therapy CD you say? Not too shabby my dear. I have a bottle of champagne back at my house that would go great with those smooth Scandinavian tunes...

You said it Burt! Cheers!

– Kasper

‘Acquaintances’ now available on CD

Terrible photography ftw

Great job!

Well, it’s finally here! You guessed it folks,

It’s the holdable, touchable, christmas-gift-giveable limited edition glossy, shiny eco-wallet CD version of our album ‘Acquaintances‘, in all it’s square glory! Just in time for the holidays…
The packaging was designed by the wonderful Cecilie Meng Sørensen, and it comes in a plasticless 4-sided gatefold “wallet”, so you can buy our music knowing that you are doing the environment a tiny favour (no reason for anymore baby panda blood on them hands than you need, right?). Furthermore this first edition is limited to a run of only 150, so get ’em while they’re hot, as this guy would say.
Oh, and did I mention that some of these COMES WITH SURPRISES!?!? That’s right. A few of these cd’s will contain a surprise or two. It could be a hidden bonus track. It could be a picture of Rune’s junk (covered in pants). It could be a piece of gum. It could be the login information for Jeppe’s facebook. It could be a haiku. It could just be an ordinary CD. You just don’t know. Consider your purchase as a lottery ticket.

The CD is currently available at our shows and online in our Bandcamp store.

I have to mention that we are really grateful for the support and we realize that people have been requesting a physical version of our music for some time now, and although it did take way too long for us to just get it done, we are very happy with the result now that it is here. It looks great and we hope you find it was worth the wait!

For the danes:

Hvis man er bosat i København kan man kontakte os, og så kan vi sagtens finde ud af noget med at enten Rune eller jeg lige kommer ud og slår en god gammeldags handel af. Derudover vil Jeppe, T=T ambassadør i Århus, også snart have en stak i hænderne, så kontakt ham hvis du er interesseret i at købe cd’en. Den koster 100 kr.

Du kan kontakte os på Facebook eller via

Har du allerede købt albummet som download, kan du også bare kontakte os og så finder vi ud af en rabat.

Udover det skal det nævnes at vi spiller, alle tre mand, på RUST i København den 13. januar, og på valentines dag i Trinitatis Natkirken d. 14. Februar.

Husk at nyde sneen, hvis det overhovedet er muligt,
– Kasper

Going viral


According to Wikipedia (the ADD generation’s only true source of knowledge), a viral video is a “humorous” video, often starring unknown amateurs, made popular via internet sharing.
You might have noticed how the act of “going viral” has served bands such as OK Go very well recently and it is no secret that “going viral” is a goal that everyone should strive to achieve, elusive as it might be. If you are not sure whether or not you have “gone viral” recently, make sure to check if you have become extremely famous seemingly overnight for doing something seemingly arbitrary and/or/yet “unbelievable”, and posting it on Youtube. If this is the case, congrats, you have made it.
Trust me, I never expected that I would have to admit to this, but by these standards it appears that our music video for ‘Seasick‘ has failed miserably at “going viral”. To be fair, we probably should have studied viral videos a little closer, but here we are. To those of you who actually enjoyed our video (in vain, some might say), and who might not fully understand this concept, I am here to serve you with some statistics to illustrate where everything went wrong:

The ‘Seasick’ video was posted on the 6th of October and currently holds 1830 views on Youtube. “Well that sounds like a lot of people! Certainly a lot more people than i know” you might think, and you’d probably be right. Noone knows that many people. However, try and compare those numbers to this video of Justin Bieber riding a segway through a horde of screaming fangirls posted in late July – only a little more than two months before ‘Seasick’:

This video holds almost 1.6 million views. I am not going to do the math on this one because, honestly, math is for nerds and computers, but that would appear to be a hell of a lot more views than 1830, in only twice the time. Justin Bieber: 1, Tetris = Therapy: 0.


Seriously, don't fuck with the Bieb

So where do you go from there? I have decided, without consulting my bandmates, that the only way to tackle this defeat is to get right back up on that fickle, treacherous horse that is Youtube and try again. And if there is one thing the internet loves, it is compilations of loveable rednecks getting into silly lawnmower accidents – but if there is another thing the internet loves even more it is kittens doing cute and crazy things in front of a camera. So here goes nothing…

Also this is all just a plot to promote our CD which is available tomorrow!



‘Seasick’ video out now

So, you know how ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is a great movie right? Well, I think i only just realized that when i revisited this gem of a sci-fi blockbuster with a couple of friends this past weekend… I couldn’t help but get vocally excited for the better part of the movie:
“Wow, this movie’s got all the drama, all the family intrigue, all the dark internal luke skywalker struggles, all the snow monsters, all the giant asteroid worms, all the han-solo-freezing-in-carbonite, all the cut-off hands and floating cities in the sky – this movie is just taking a huge dump on all the new Star Wars movies’ – Me, last weekend.

The part where Luke’s x-wing fighter is crashing through thick, dense, grey mist and R2D2 is like “FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU” and Luke’s like “Oops, I cant see SHIIIIIIIT” and R2D2’s like “I told you this was a bad ideeeaaa” and Luke’s like “I’ll just put on the landing program, then we will surely figure out where to land safely on this PLANET COVERED IN SWAMPY JUNGLE AND FOG” and we as viewers are like “WHEN WILL THEY HIT A TREEEEE?” and then they just crash quietly into a swamp right next to Yoda’s crib… that part is so good. Defnitely my favourite Star Wars movie.
Speaking of audio-visual treats,

Without further ado, i give you, the video for Seasick:

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T=T summer update, or how i learned to stop worrying and love patience

Hi guys,

Man. That summer came and went faster than Mel Gibson’s brain composes racial slurs. Amazing. Of course that means we as a band have once again fallen into the temptation of not really updating these webspaces at all, with all that heat, bbq’in and beer guzzlin’ going down. For that we are, once again, sorry.

Big news though! As some of you might know we shot a video for Seasick in june, and thanks to the competent help of Villads and Nicolai of Letusch it is almost finished. I won’t say too much about it, but i can tell you that it does look great – it is a one-camera stop-motion video spanning over an entire day, it stars a great cast of friends and acquaintances (), and we will premier it right here as soon as it is finished… which is soon. I promise. Here is a pic from the video shoot:

good times

Villads, Rune and Kasper on the shoot of 'Seasick'

In other news: We are currently working on getting a small run of cd versions of ‘Acquaintances’ done as a lot of people have requested a physical copy of the album. The packaging won’t be that fancy, but we promise to include a small surprise with every cd… i hope you guys like salt & vinegar chips.

Oh, and also, there might be some new music coming out from Rune and I soon but it will not be a Tetris = Therapy release…

And last but not least, some gigging news for the danes:

Det ser desværre ud til at vi ikke er i stand til at spille den 23. i Spinderhallerne i Vejle pga. logistiske problemer. Det er vi selvfølgelig utroligt kede af, og vi håber at kunne få programsat et andet job i Vejle i den nærmeste fremtid.

Til gengæld håber vi folk vil komme ud og se os spille på Studenterhuset i Århus næste lørdag d. 18! Vi spiller med de fantastiske The Freudian Slip, My Last Beat og the Olympics til den nette sum af 50 kr.. Dørene åbner kl. 20 og vi går på allerede 20.30, og håber selvfølgelig på at se så mange som muligt!

Desuden ser det ud til at vi skal spille på Rust i København til oktober. Mere om det senere…

Stay sweet,


‘Acquaintances’ now available on iTunes and more

Just wanted to let you know that besides acquiring the album on our own Bandcamp site you can now find it on most large mp3 retailers (iTunes, Amazon,, Spotify…) by doing a quick search!

However we’d like to recommend trying out Gogoyoko – it’s a music store and streaming service that promotes fair play in music by giving artists 100 % of the profit – even better yet they let artists support a list of charities through purchases of their music. So when you buy Acquaintances on Gogoyoko, 10 % of that goes to charity. Not bad.

Hope you will consider purchasing the album – and as always it’s available as a full album stream on both Bandcamp and now also on Gogoyoko.

Take care! – Kasper

‘Acquaintances’ up for grabs

Hi there,

Once again, sorry for the silence. However we are happy to report that we have decided to break the silence by starting the slow leak of our debut album ‘Acquaintances’ across the world! Therefore the album can now be streamed in its full length and bought for the spectacular once-in-a-lifetime price of 9 $ at our Bandcamp site right now. That’s right , 9 $… we cut all that .99 bullshit, because we know you guys are smart like that.


The album, which was put together over the last six months of 2009, and a few days of 2010, was produced by ourselves and it is a product we are immensely proud of (all lo-fi charm aside). The beautiful cover was done by our good friend Cecilie Meng Sørensen.

We hope to be able to produce a physical copy of it within a month or two – we don’t really know if anyone is actually interested in CDs anymore so we hope to be able to do a small run of vinyls instead. Also, it should be available at all the major stores (iTunes, Amazon etc.) soon.

We really hope you enjoy it, and once again thank you for reading all this you charming person,

– Kasper, Rune and Jeppe