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The Temperance EP (2012)

The Temperance EP

Out in all kinds of digital formats and on CD now. Order at Bandcamp and get the Jesper Lundager remix of ‘Seasick’ and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping out a band in need! This is also the only place to get the CD.


1. Blast Off (video)
2. University Girls
3. Home on the Range
4. Unconventional Copenhagen
5. Seasick (Jesper Lundager Remix) (free download)

Acquaintances (2010)


For sale in CD and download formats at Bandcamp. Also available as a digital download on iTunes and other major MP3 retailers, and streaming on Spotify.

1. Acquaintances (Intro)
2. Combat Beard
3. The End of the Season
5. Foofaraw
6. A Lack of Concentration (free download)
7. Hadweonlyremained…
8. …bright
9. Video Game Museum
10. Juno Waltz
11. Same Sullen Summer Sound (free download)

Home on the Range – Video

Blast Off – Video

Seasick – Video

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