‘Seasick’ video out now

So, you know how ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is a great movie right? Well, I think i only just realized that when i revisited this gem of a sci-fi blockbuster with a couple of friends this past weekend… I couldn’t help but get vocally excited for the better part of the movie:
“Wow, this movie’s got all the drama, all the family intrigue, all the dark internal luke skywalker struggles, all the snow monsters, all the giant asteroid worms, all the han-solo-freezing-in-carbonite, all the cut-off hands and floating cities in the sky – this movie is just taking a huge dump on all the new Star Wars movies’ – Me, last weekend.

The part where Luke’s x-wing fighter is crashing through thick, dense, grey mist and R2D2 is like “FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU” and Luke’s like “Oops, I cant see SHIIIIIIIT” and R2D2’s like “I told you this was a bad ideeeaaa” and Luke’s like “I’ll just put on the landing program, then we will surely figure out where to land safely on this PLANET COVERED IN SWAMPY JUNGLE AND FOG” and we as viewers are like “WHEN WILL THEY HIT A TREEEEE?” and then they just crash quietly into a swamp right next to Yoda’s crib… that part is so good. Defnitely my favourite Star Wars movie.
Speaking of audio-visual treats,

Without further ado, i give you, the video for Seasick:

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T=T summer update, or how i learned to stop worrying and love patience

Hi guys,

Man. That summer came and went faster than Mel Gibson’s brain composes racial slurs. Amazing. Of course that means we as a band have once again fallen into the temptation of not really updating these webspaces at all, with all that heat, bbq’in and beer guzzlin’ going down. For that we are, once again, sorry.

Big news though! As some of you might know we shot a video for Seasick in june, and thanks to the competent help of Villads and Nicolai of Letusch it is almost finished. I won’t say too much about it, but i can tell you that it does look great – it is a one-camera stop-motion video spanning over an entire day, it stars a great cast of friends and acquaintances (), and we will premier it right here as soon as it is finished… which is soon. I promise. Here is a pic from the video shoot:

good times

Villads, Rune and Kasper on the shoot of 'Seasick'

In other news: We are currently working on getting a small run of cd versions of ‘Acquaintances’ done as a lot of people have requested a physical copy of the album. The packaging won’t be that fancy, but we promise to include a small surprise with every cd… i hope you guys like salt & vinegar chips.

Oh, and also, there might be some new music coming out from Rune and I soon but it will not be a Tetris = Therapy release…

And last but not least, some gigging news for the danes:

Det ser desværre ud til at vi ikke er i stand til at spille den 23. i Spinderhallerne i Vejle pga. logistiske problemer. Det er vi selvfølgelig utroligt kede af, og vi håber at kunne få programsat et andet job i Vejle i den nærmeste fremtid.

Til gengæld håber vi folk vil komme ud og se os spille på Studenterhuset i Århus næste lørdag d. 18! Vi spiller med de fantastiske The Freudian Slip, My Last Beat og the Olympics til den nette sum af 50 kr.. Dørene åbner kl. 20 og vi går på allerede 20.30, og håber selvfølgelig på at se så mange som muligt!

Desuden ser det ud til at vi skal spille på Rust i København til oktober. Mere om det senere…

Stay sweet,


T=T live = still functioning smoothly like a proper concertplaying machine

Turns out we haven’t forgotten how to play our instruments! Cause for celebration.

Vi vil gerne have lov at sige tusinde tak til alle jer der kom ud og så os på Jelling Musikfestival i år – det var uendeligt dejligt at se så mange mennesker, og komme ud og spille vores sange igen. Mange tak skal også gå ud til Asker Bjørk og Kjartan Bue fra Boho Dancer der hjalp os på to numre (og tillykke med Quasar Rock sejren)! Vi har herfra, som i kan se i kalenderen, kun et job på kalenderen for efteråret, og det bliver på Studenterhuset i Århus den 18. september. Lad os håbe at der evt. bliver lidt flere at se frem til…. stay tuned! Mvh Tetris = Therapy

‘Acquaintances’ now available on iTunes and more

Just wanted to let you know that besides acquiring the album on our own Bandcamp site you can now find it on most large mp3 retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Last.fm, Spotify…) by doing a quick search!

However we’d like to recommend trying out Gogoyoko – it’s a music store and streaming service that promotes fair play in music by giving artists 100 % of the profit – even better yet they let artists support a list of charities through purchases of their music. So when you buy Acquaintances on Gogoyoko, 10 % of that goes to charity. Not bad.

Hope you will consider purchasing the album – and as always it’s available as a full album stream on both Bandcamp and now also on Gogoyoko.

Take care! – Kasper

‘Acquaintances’ up for grabs

Hi there,

Once again, sorry for the silence. However we are happy to report that we have decided to break the silence by starting the slow leak of our debut album ‘Acquaintances’ across the world! Therefore the album can now be streamed in its full length and bought for the spectacular once-in-a-lifetime price of 9 $ at our Bandcamp site right now. That’s right , 9 $… we cut all that .99 bullshit, because we know you guys are smart like that.


The album, which was put together over the last six months of 2009, and a few days of 2010, was produced by ourselves and it is a product we are immensely proud of (all lo-fi charm aside). The beautiful cover was done by our good friend Cecilie Meng Sørensen.

We hope to be able to produce a physical copy of it within a month or two – we don’t really know if anyone is actually interested in CDs anymore so we hope to be able to do a small run of vinyls instead. Also, it should be available at all the major stores (iTunes, Amazon etc.) soon.

We really hope you enjoy it, and once again thank you for reading all this you charming person,

– Kasper, Rune and Jeppe

First show of the summer announced

We can now confirm that we will be playing this year’s Jelling Musikfestival. As always it will be taking place in Rune and Kasper’s hometown of Jelling, situated in the delightfully hilly landscapes of Jutland!

We will be playing Friday the 28th on Ny Scene (exact timespot TBA).

It’s great news for us for a couple of reasons:
1) It’s always great to get to go home and do what you love most.
2) This is the first major gig we have confirmed for the summer, and we are really looking forward to getting out there again.
3) We will be playing the same day as Sir Elton Hercules John which is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome and just plain ridiculous. Did you notice the ‘Sir’ in front of his name? That dude wrote Candle in the Wind. I mean, look at him:

That's right, i wrote Rocket Man, what did you do?

Legendary stuff. Seriously though, Jelling is not a big place and the fact that this man will be playing there is just… well, ridiculous… and exciting. We hope to see as many of you as possible out there! – Kasper

Gettin’ up to date with Tetris = Therapy

First of all, here’s a late welcome to our new website… we hope you like it! It is homemade, so it isn’t fancy but we hope it has a certain rustic charm.

Second of all: W0w. It just dawned on me the ridiculous amount of “spaces” we take up on the internet, and how quite a few of them haven’t been updated for years. I’m sorry garageband.com and iLike, but i guess we forgot you existed…
Well, It’s not like the internet is famous for being a nice and tidy place, but we are not really helping. At all. Then again, being a real 21st century band in the 1-o’s requires a lot of networking. If you don’t network, how will people know you exist? By going to your shows and watching you play instruments? Whatever grandma.

These mofos know what it's about

So, since this is now our official website, i reckon this is a good place to clear up some things and give some proper directions.

Well first of all, from now on this address, along with our Myspace will be the nr. 1 source for news, announcements, show dates and new music. Facebook will also be frequently updated with anything worth knowing about our little band. Danish users will note that we used to use bandbase (back then it was called Mymusic) a lot, but a lot of things on that site doesn’t always work and it does not seem like they are  really gaining much of an international following. However we will probably continue to use it as a place to host music.

As for streaming music i really recommend Bandcamp.com , it’s a very simple site to use, it’s extremely flexible and it let’s you download in any format you’d like (and in extremely high quality). Also it’s streams sounds way better than Myspace (if you care about those things). We are planning on streaming the entire album there soon!
We are just getting into the whole Twitter thing and since it will probably remain the shit for another while, you should go there for fun little bites of info, little tidbits of wisdom, hilarious retweets, trendy small-talk fodder etc.
Our Garageband is pretty much deserted… You can find us on Last.fm and other services like that, but no music is streaming/downloadable from there… yet…  aaaaand… i guess that’s it for now! Thank you for reading all this, you are a wonderful human being!

– Kasper

The Miracle in July

Back in July, the wonderful and talented Michelle Anderson of Portland, Oregon (that’s in the big ole United States if you didn’t know) was so kind as to use our track ‘Big Tasty'(/’A Lack of Concentration’) as the soundtrack to the prologue of her online genre-bending love story The Miracle in July. It uses media of all sorts (music, photography, video etc.) to tell an incredibly captivating, bold and personal story, with a chapter being published online every once in a while. We recommend you go check it out right here!

New songs and more

We are well on our way to releasing (in some form or the other) what will be an album entitled Acquaintances soon… there are still things that needs to be done, but until then here are two tracks from the album! They are available to stream and download in high quality right here and on our Myspace.

Seasick was born out of an old guitar sketch and a percussion beat that had been lying around… with a drum-track from Jeppe and a catchy little bastard of a melody it finally became a fullgrown song.

A Lack of Concentration is an old track in a new outfit, and with a new name. We have chosen to set it on fire at the end, we hope you like it.

The tracklist of the album will be as follows:


1. Acquaintances (Intro)
2. Combat Beard
3. The End of the Season
4. Seasick
5. Foofaraw
6. A Lack of Concentration
7. Hadweonlyremained…
8. …bright
9. Video Game Museum
10. Juno Waltz
11. Same Sullen Summer Sound

Release date TBA

Tetris = Therapy

‘Acquaintances’ coming soon…

Why so grave?